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The most spoken about topic between traders is the psychology behind trading. In other words, the ability to master trading psychology separates the successful traders from the unsuccessful ones.

As many think that trading is only about fundamental analysis or technical analysis, however psychology plays a big role in trading as it is 80% of what makes a trader successful. The psychology of trading is taking full control of your emotions and patience while trading.

 In order to help you deal with this aspect of trading, we have assembled a list of seven of our favorite trading quotes from some of the most successful investors and traders.

  • Being Successful Takes Time – Warren Buffet
  • Be Patient and Don’t Overtrade – Bill Lipschutz
  • Take Regular Breaks – Jesse Livermore
  • Learn How to Lose – Peter Lynch 
  • Don’t Get Attached to Your Trades – John Maynard Keynes
  • Never Risk Too Much on One Trade – Paul Tudor Jones
  • Control Your Emotions – Warren Buffet

We will cover more on trading psychology tips soon as it will help you as traders on your journey to control your emotions while trading!

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