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XGLOBAL Lebanon Regulated By:

Regulation & Licensing

XGLOBAL Lebanon is authorized and licensed by CMA


Compliance” is defined as a situation where regulatory requirements are met by the company, and where its business operations are carefully conducted according to such regulations.

The company XGLOBAL Lebanon licensed and registered in the Securities and Exchange Lebanese operates under the law of the directives of the financial markets, it is committed to the procedures and strict standards designed to achieve accuracy in the processes taking place in the stock exchanges and financial markets and maintain customer funds; since all the actions that take place within the company, records and business processes are monitored and supervised by the Department of compliance and commitment for review and approval.

Segregation of Funds

Committed under the laws and regulations protecting the interests of the Lebanese exacting customers, investors, and so the company has taken all necessary measures to protect the funds of their clients.

The receipt of customer funds in the accounts of the company bank credit allocated to customer deposits do not enter these funds within the company’s capital is not in the public budget to them; then be transferred to the account of the customer’s own independent (segregated Account) where you cannot use these funds to pay dues to the company towards the creditors of the customers or partners in the event of bankruptcy

maintain the company’s bank accounts operational and customer accounts at banking institutions and has a global reputation in the world of business and finance